Model 100

Transferring files

First get the file transfer program onto the M100

(NB. Make sure there is enough room on the M100 or installation will error)

cd ~/Documents/DosBox/dlplus/clients/ts-dos/

sudo dl -b=TS-DOS.100

Follow commands on screen. It will take a long time as the computer transfers the program to the M100 and then while the M100 installs the application.

Transfer files

Launch TS-DOS.BA on the M100

cd ~/TPDD/

sudo mcomm --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --path ~/TPDD

Now on the M100 push F4 to see files on computer.

NB! If copying and *.BA files, they must be first renamed as *.DO. Once on M100, then load the program and then save it with the .BA extension and kill the *.DO file.

Using a modem

Push Telcom and from here:



ATD address:port