Writing to SRAM cards

Install Win95.

Install the Elan PCMCIA SRAM card reader.


Install the programs from the CD, but the most essential one seems to be the DOS-related package. Make sure the pseries.exe file is in the right location per the parameters below. After that’s installed you need to edit the following file to read as follows.


device=c:\pseries.exe /i:11 /a:0x3e0


device=c:\windows\system\carddrv.exe /slot=2

The last 2 lines are critical as they assign a drive letter to the SRAM card.

NB. Start the computer without inserting the SRAM card. Make sure the PC Card is showing up it the Control Panel. It took many reboots before it finally showed up! When you insert the SRAM for the first time, my computer seemed to freeze. I discovered that after removing it and waiting (2-5 minutes?) the computer would suddenly beep and when I reinserted the SRAM card, the card showed up and was available.

Word Perfect 3.x Commands

All the commands below are applied along with the Alt key.

3 – File Command Menu

4 – Print Commands

5 – Modes (Dict, Math, Columns)

6 – Macro Name:

7 – Open Doc

8 – Save Doc

9 – Cut, Copy, etc.

10 – Create, Edit, Renumber

11 – Extended Features

12 – Search

= - Close? First you have to save.