The KIM-1 was a single-board microcomputer. It came with 1K of RAM and two 6530 ROM-RAM-I/O combination chips equivalent to about 2K of ROM. The KIM-1 used a 23 key keyboard, six LEDs, and could interface with a standard cassette recorder or a teletype machine.

The KIM-1 came assembled for about $245 (up to November 1978). The price was later dropped to a competitive $179.95.

The KIM-1 was originally produced by MOS Technology, which later became part of Commodore. Rockwell International later marketed the KIM-1. Syntertek later produced an improved version called the SYM-1 which had additional features.

Assembly on Kim1

Use the Kim1 emulator. The program will automatically be installed to run at $0200.

Use $0040 up for data.

Instructions to get KimVenture working on a Pal-1


You must install GTKTerm. In order to determine the tty port, look at the output of dmesg when attaching to the Pal-1.

After launching GTKTerm go to: Configuration > Port. Enter the following information for each parameter:

Port: /dev/ttyUSB0 (yours may be different). Baud Rate: 2400. Parity: None. Bits: 8. Stopbits: 2. Flow control: None.

The go to the Advanced Configuration Options and set the following parameter: End of line delay: 10  

Hit OK and you'll be connected to the Pal-1.

The rest is simple. First make sure the Cap Lock are on. Push RS on the Pal-1 and push the enter key. You should see KIM followed by some numbers. Now just load in the files one by one. Type 1780, Enter. Type L and then choose File > Send Raw File and choose the 1780 file, etc. 

To start Kim Venture, type AD 0100 and then push GO!

NB: Prior to running KimVenture you must make an edit.


AD 028F

DA 10